The Story of Fresh Cut Flowers

Photos by Kyle Richardson.

Robert McKinnon became a florist in the 1980s after being involved in the music business for many years.  Needing a steadier job, his wife suggested that he study at the Bronx Botanical Garden to see if the floral industry could provide that stability while also providing that creative outlet. Shortly after receiving his certification from the Bronx Botanical Garden, Robert worked for different flower shops. During this time he designed the arrangements at various hotels and restaurants across the city, allowing him to both hone his trade and cultivate relationships. Shortly after, he decided he wanted to take a risk and he became a freelance florist. He did this for over a decade before finally securing his own flower shop.

Fresh Cut Flowers opened in 2002, in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, serving the neighborhood's floral needs. While Robert and his team still make floral arrangements for companies, restaurants and hotels, he is now able to provide the same quality flowers, arrangements and orchids to residential customers.  He loves to provide high quality flowers in order to enhance any atmosphere.